Eat For Everyone

Find out what's in your FreshBox, how you are helping children in need and more below



It’s not just quality fruit and veg delivered weekly.

It’s also an opportunity to EAT FOR EVERYONE!

For each FreshBox you purchase we donate another to a local child in need.

Still, need more details? Here you go.

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  • 1 for 1
  • A sustainable model

FreshBox aims to sustainably reduce malnutrition in South Africa by donating a healthy FreshBox for each FreshBox sold.

Currently, we are feeding children at Carrington Primary School that lack access to healthy food.

Our long-term goal is to bring healthy food to children and mothers in “the first 1000 days of life” where research has shown nutrition is most crucial.

Still need more details? Here you go.


R299 / Month

  • 3kg of fruit and/or veg
  • Delivered weekly
  • Also feeds 1 at-risk child


R429 / Month

  • 5kg of fruit and/or veg
  • Delivered weekly
  • Also feeds 1-2 at-risk children
Most Popular


R539 / Month

  • 7kg of fruit and/or veg
  • Delivered weekly
  • Also feeds 2 at-risk children

Super Family

R649 / Month

  • 9kg of fruit and/or veg
  • Delivered weekly
  • Also feeds 3 at-risk children


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Still have questions?

View our frequently asked questions below or contact us for more info

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Frequently asked questions

  • Currently, every Tuesday

    • We guarantee delivery of boxes by 11am Tuesday each week.
    • However they normally arrive before 8am.
    • We send you a delivery notification by email when it arrives.
    • You have until Wednesday closing time of your collection point to pick up your FreshBox or it will be donated.
    • We will add more delivery days soon.
  • Absolutely.

    • We have a range of 25 fruit and 25 vegetables.
    • When you sign up you tell us your preferences.
    • We make your FreshBox based on what you “like” “love” and “dislike” plus what is in season.

<h4><b> – <em>Yes, we make it easy.</em></b></h4>
<li class=”li5″>Our site is set up so you can change any aspect of your account/order.</li>
<li class=”li5″>Just click on “MY ACCOUNT” and follow the links.</li>

Paying is easy.

  • You sign up using a debit or credit card through our secure payment system – WWW.FRESHBOX.CO.ZA.
  • Every month we auto-bill your account.
  • Every week you pick up your FreshBox from your chosen collection point.

– No worries. You have options:

  • Donate your FreshBox: Just don’t collect your box and it will be donated to children if it’s not collected within 48 hours.
  • Suspend your order: We will credit your account for the next month.
  • Give to a friend: A credited friend can pick up on your behalf, just let us know before hand.
  • You can donate or suspend your order by modifying settings in “MY ACCOUNT.”

Of course

  • Your donation will still feed underprivileged children
  • You can donate online

Next collection day

  • Your first FreshBox will arrive the following collection day.
  • Your first bill will be pro-rated for all remaining days in the month.

– Any ID

  • Any ID with your first and last name

– You bring it back when you collect your next FreshBox

  • Every time you collect a new FreshBox you simply drop off your former empty box
  • It’s a FreshBox exchange
  • Any fruit or food you have left over, you can leave in the FreshBox and we will donate it to our beneficiaries