Rethinking Food

We are on a mission to cultivate sustainable community connections across our South African cities so we can continuously improve our food systems for the benefit of our children. Because every child has the right to nutrition.

Our primary goal is to ensure every child has access to nutritious food by sustainably changing the way ordinary households receive their fresh produce within their community. Solving global problems starts at home.

Ithemba Lethu Child With Pear

Sustainably reduce malnutrition in children

A sustainable supply of nutrious food to children at risk of malnutrition based on sound commercial principles. Learn more about our beneficiaries.

Black farmer in crops

Cultivate healthier connections from seed back to soil

Continually striving for more inclusive and circular local fresh food economies within our communities. See our collection point partners.

Plastic Bag Waste

Reduce resource consumption and waste

Reducing plastic waste by removing our reliance on single use packaging, and redirecting fresh produce waste. See our sustainability progress

Global Sustainability goals (1)

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world

are the ones who do."

-Steve Jobs-

Meet The Team

Headshot Managing Director: Diane Potgieter

Diane Potgieter

Managing Director


Diane took over Freshbox in 2023. Diane is a local professional, mother of two and Gummi to the cutest granddaughter, lover of cooking, avid reader, sunrise obsessed, love to wiggle to music and above all... a real person. Diane knows what it's like to have a busy work schedule, she knows the demands of parenting, she understands the trials of visiting a grocery store every day - aimlessly staring at the produce, she knows what it means to be a mum who never wants to see a child in the community go hungry, but not know how to make that difference. Because of this, Diane is the perfect fit to lead this business into the next phase of it's journey.

Christina Wiese Profile Pic

Christina Wiese

Non-Executive Director


Christina has over 25 years of knowledge and expertise of a unique and well-rounded skill set in marketing, sales, leadership, strategy, concept & idea development, project
management, business development, events and exhibitions management, writing, customer service and coaching in sales, and marketing.


Roanne Doyle

Financial Director

Roanne is a qualified CA with experience in investment banking, fund management, auditing, advertising and shipping. Roanne is FreshBox’s designated bean counter. Her wealth of financial expertise ensures FreshBox’s activities are sustainable and within the bounds of South African regulation.


Benjamin Constable

Founder and Former CEO

Benjamin Constable started Freshbox in 2016. An international basketball player he also has a background in physics and planetary science. After arriving in South Africa to teach basketball through an NGO Ben quickly realised 98% of the children at practice did not have access to a healthy meal each day. Fueled by a passion to make a meaningful difference and a strong skill for unique business models he created Freshbox.

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Want to get involved and see how you can help or collaborate with us? Give us a shout on info@freshbox.co.za or call me, Diane, on 079 952 1307.

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