A Journey To Sustainability

A healthier world starts with Rethinking how we do food, Reducing what we use and Redirecting what we cannot.

Rethinking ...

To make an impact we don't need to do different things, we need to do ordinary things differently. By reducing the number of steps our food goes through and learning to eat with the seasons, we can automatically reduce our impact. By cutting out the retail step and going more direct to producers we not only have access to fresher produce for customers but we also remove the waste and packaging that would normally occur in retail and can redirect non-retail quality produce to where it is desperately needed before it is wasted.

Reducing ...

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Food Waste Reduced

Approximately 12% of all fruit and vegetables are wasted within retail stores. At FreshBox we source directly from producers and skip the retail stores. By choosing FreshBox our customers instantly have a hand in reducing the amount of food wasted, therefore reducing their overall impact on the earth.


Plastic Waste Reduced

Approximately 84% of all fresh fruit and vegetables in retail stores is wrapped in plastic. Because FreshBox sources produce from local farmers and providers and all our produce is packed loose in returnable wooden boxes, we aim to massively reduce the amount of plastic packaging.

Redirecting ...


Food Redirected To Vulnerable Children

Up to 25% of fresh produce is lost in the grading process - these are the blemished, misshapen and odd-sized items that cannot be sold in retail. More than 55% of South African children live without access to healthy food. By sourcing more direct from producers we can redirect this produce to vulnerable children in our communities before it gets wasted. Learn more about Our Beneficiaries


Food Redirected To Animal Sanctuaries

In any fresh produce business, there is food that is damaged and spoiled in the process, no longer suitable to be cooked or eaten. Instead of sending these scraps to landfill we partner with animal sanctuaries like CROW and various animal farms who utilise this precious resource to feed animals in their care.

We are only able to do what we do because of our customers. Join our FreshBox Family.